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Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

my choice

if i'm not mistake, i already posted about job offer at u*sb which is located at petaling jaya. but today i'm not going to talk about that company and how my work going on. NO...because i'm not working at that company. currently i'm at damansara, yeah...rite, cost life at damansara are more expensive than petaling jaya...huhuhu. but THIS IS MY CHOICE..(and also my family concern) and for 2 day i'm start to working, i like my work. yes i do...i like it eventhough my bos give me a lots of work... wa...sgt skt kepala ma...but when i like my job n it my choice also, so it ok. he...sgt2 berharap everything is just fine...sgt2 berharap hari2 yang mendatang dpt di tempuhi dengan penuh kesabaran. smoga aku x wat bos marah2 kat aku macamana kwn aku cite. huhuhu... 1st day keje, i've given 4 task to complete..yeah..i'm success.hahahaha...not the hard one pn. 2nd day...2 task, one almost done and for project at setapak, i just realize that have an error on that layout when i'm on the way home... wallahhh...tomorrow morning i change it and if i'm able to finish it at noon, after lunch i'm finish my 2nd task which is located at...erk...erm....semenyih kot muahahaha...ap nye design engineer lah cam nie...huhuhu.

yeah..i'm the drafperson n i'm the engineer,but we'll have a drafperson soon (image from google)

p/s: tetiba ase gatal nk tulis kot omputeh, klo tjumpa slh2 grammer n sume2 2.wat2 xnmpk je la ea....hahaha