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Isnin, 1 November 2010

i'm not crazy, i'm not snobbish

pics from google image.

i'm admit that it is a crazy thing to decide when u r just start working, still dont comfirm, dont know either the jobs fix you or not and the last one is, u still have other thing to do..more importantly, but still i go for the choice. it is not only for for my family's good. i can't help them in a better way, but unless with this decision i can help to smooth the 'hard-path' they have. outsider maybe cant understand and me myself dont have any concern to make them to understand...just let it be. i dont want to be selfish. it true that i dont need a car rite now..but it for my family,specifically for my sister. i'm not give the car to her (i not that KIND), i'm just let her lend it for about maybe one or two year. beside, why should i have that when i just can walking to my office, and for a weekend...i have my lovely darling to pick me up for a dating (luv u sayang). i still have a thing to do, sng cite nk enjoy with my money dlu....hahahahaha.

u see the pica above??? that was the car..hehehe..exactly the same. i dont want saga basic, x cantek...but when i go for saga se, i can't saving much. huhuhu..mau kawen...and that not my dream car, kikkiki.. my dream car of kos la....erm,no need to mention lah, x mampu. so....after a little discussion with my sis n my mum, i strike for saga se...huhuhu, ok cket la....