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Ahad, 12 Februari 2012

luahan hati seorang wanita

Being the only unmarried woman when all the frenz da dpt baby is frustrated. But it made me frustrated more bila ap y kte buat, for u of kos. When me, x di hargai.. why i'm still waiting for u, i always asking myself. But hey... U know what, idont know, idont have the answers. What i know is i love u.. no matter how much i hurt, how much i frust..yeah..dat stupid me is loving u. Who need the compliment, who need the honor, right??

No need to clarify anything rite?? Coz here i'm waiting for, have faith in u...even i myself know nothing. Am i waiting for the moon down to earth? What i waiting for?when this waiting thing will end? Is it will end? And why?? Why its hard for u to just say we're doing dis and dat, planning dis for dat, we have dis to dat. Why must keeping all things to ur own self, being so secret. Who me to u??

I'm hard for me..
It hurt make me cry..

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